For who are these trainings?

Young adults (18 - 40 jaar), in social isolation

Participation in programs and trainings of Elkar is possible from the age of 18 years.

My focus is on young adults, between 18 and 40, who do not have a social network to rely on. Who have little or no contact with other people. Who risk being, or already are, socially isolated.

Participants can come from all over the world.

Characteristics of Social Isolation

  1. Having no friends

  2. Having no-one you trust completely

  3. Having no-one with whom you can discuss everything

  4. Feeling abandoned

  5. Being more often restless, sad and angry

  6. Not getting out of the house

  7. Having a poorer health, being sick more often

  8. Increased risk to be bullied

  9. More often doing things you actually don’t want to do, but you do them to feel part of the group